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Transportation for people with disabilities

Transportation for people with disabilities

Paratrans specializes in wheelchair transportation. We are conscientious of and sensitive to the unique needs of our customers. Our services aim to surpass expectations.

We offer a variety of transportation services for our customers. Whether you are attending an event, going to a medical appointment, running personal errands, or just want to tour the city, we will get you there. Our drivers specialize in providing an outstanding experience for those with special needs. Paratrans vehicles have been specially outfitted for wheelchair transportation, in full accordance with legal requirements. Safe transportation of our passengers is our top priority.

Our specialized vehicles feature purpose-built fasteners for securing wheelchairs safely and legally. Our drivers have years of experience navigating the streets of Budapest, the roads of Hungary, and the European highway network. They are friendly and compassionate and see themselves as not only your driver, but also as your companion for the trip. They will happily oblige all of your requests to make the trip more pleasant, and not just while you're in the vehicle.

We hope that the level of our service will result in your repeated business. For repeat customers and for those who schedule recurring services, we offer special discounts. We can secure a wheelchair upon request, but it is subject to availability.


  • Pricing by individual agreement
  • Please call us for transportation outside of Budapest.
  • Airport and Railway station shuttle
  • Hotel transfer
  • For concerts, theaters and other events

Any parking fees will be paid by the customer.


(+36) 30-900-1603
E-mail: info@paratrans.hu

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With a well-equipped car and experienced driver, we are available 24 hours a day.


Renault Master

  • Our Renault Master has been specially fitted for wheelchair transportation.
  • The mobility ramp and the wheelchair fasteners are the product of Europe's renown producer of assistive and accessibility technologies, AMF-Bruns GmbH & Co. KG., a company with over 50 years experience.
  • Our vehicle can safely accommodate up to three occupied wheelchairs and five additional passengers.
  • Upon special request we can reconfigure the vehicle for four occupied wheelchairs and four other passengers.
  • Towing capacity: Up to 2 tons.

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